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Americans are sick and tired of illegal collection practices and illegal solicitation. Debt collectors and solicitors abuse the law because Americans don't know the law. ACDA is here to help educate you. Become a member and together we can make a difference.


Member Benefits

As a key benefit of your membership, American Consumer Debt Advocates has retained a law firm that acts in a limited, a la carte legal framework on behalf of our members.  It is an arrangement that meets the minimum legal requirements of Title 15, USC 1692. (g). Our appointed law firm represents our members by acting as their legal representative pursuant to Title 15 USC 1692(g) for the sole purpose of receiving offers of settlement from members’ creditors and notifying members of these settlement offers. Members need to maintain an active e-mail address to utilize these legal services for interacting effectively, efficiently and economically.

Any other legal services requested by our members will thereafter become the members’ sole responsibility, and financial arrangements with their legal representatives must be arranged accordingly.  The rendering of these additional services may or may not result in further reduction of our member’s total amount of debt. 


By following the tutorials included on this site, members may secure sufficient digital evidence of violations by debt collectors of the Fair Debt Collections Act and/or the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Members’ cases may then be accepted by other ACDA member law firms that take these cases entirely on a contingency.


Get Protection

Once you notify your debt collector(s) you have retained counsel, the collector(s), pursuant to Title 15 USC 1692(g), is required to contact your lawyer for all future communication.

See attached exhibit _____ which is a sample debt collection notice sent to debtors within 5 days after the debt collector has contacted you or an ACDA member.  If you have received a legal translation letter similar to this, it is imperative you respond to it in the manner we suggest even if you choose not to become a member of ACDA and hire your own lawyer.

An ACDA member then sends that debt collector, our sample “g” letter, in response. See exhibit ___.
Our members insert the name of the law firm we employ on your behalf in the “g” letter.  That firm will then await contact from your creditors/debt collectors for all offers of settlement. 

See exhibit 1, exhibit 2, exhibit 3 as examples of settlement offers received by our members’ law firms.  Debt collectors and creditors often settle for anywhere from 10 cents to 50 cents on the dollar with payment terms.  We cannot warrant or represent that by becoming a member of the ACDA your debts will be settled for far less than you owe.  However, we can assure you that by obtaining legal representation and notifying your debt collector you have legal counsel, the collector will be legally obliged to contact your named legal representative for all future settlement attempts.


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American Consumer Debt Advocates (ADCA) is a not for profit entity that is dedicated to inform victims of abusive business practices involving wrongful telephonic solicitations and or harrassing collection activities.



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